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Begonia 'Art Hodes'

Love the foliage...large pebbly textured, dark olive green covered with thing red hairs that catch the light and make the hole plant glow! Art Hodes is a rhizomatous Begonia, which means he spreads by sending out fleshy caterpillar like ground hugging roots. New foliage erupts along those rhizomes as the plants spread to fill your pot. Flowers are a delight…pristine white on stiff 10-12" stems. With age the leaves can grow to 8-10". Plant in a good well drained potting soil, and give begonias humid warm conditions.
Array Begonia
Common Name Begonia
Hardiness Zone 10, 11
Light Requirements Part Sun, Full Shade
Seasonal Interest Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall
Season of Blooming Summer
Use Specimen, House Plant, Ornamental, Container
Special Attributes Easy Care
Color Bronze