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Lantana montevidensis

When I visit southern California, I often see this weeping lantana in people's gardens, blooming away endlessly and carefree. It has a simple grace lacking in modern lantana selections and wants to bloom year round with multi toned lavender flower clusters on wiry trailing stems. You won't find this Lantana in garden centers here in the northeast, so we began propagating it to make it available. Where it is winter hardy, Lantana montevidensis will form a low shrub 12-18" tall and up to 5' wide. Butterflies and bees adore it.
Array Lantana
Common Name Lantana
Hardiness Zone 8, 9, 10, 11
Light Requirements Full Sun
Seasonal Interest Spring, Summer, Fall
Season of Blooming Spring, Summer, Fall
Use Bed, Container, Massing
Special Attributes Butterfly Attracting, Hummingbird Attracting, Bird Attracting, Deer Resistant, Heat Tolerant, Drought Tolerant, Easy Care, Fast Growing, Heirloom
Color Lavender