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Our 2017 Plant Offerings and Ordering Info 

Ah January...the holiday madness is over. It’s snowing outside as I write. We are supposed to chill (mentally) right now, put on our warmest woolen stockings and cozy up in that comfy chair with a cup of hot brew. Yes, yes, that “hygge” thing, but it won’t be long before “stir-craziness” sets in. By month's end, we’ll be longing for the colors of spring and summer. The garden awaits, and of course this is the time to not only dream but to plan. 

New Features

We offer our 2017 plant list for you to peruse, and possibly take action. Our new selections reflect what we gardeners are in need of most: easy care plants which offer a long season of color and interest, plus stems and blossoms for cutting and that are also attractive to pollinators. Many are deer resistant.  There are lots of hardy and tender succulents. We also list many many plants that perform well in containers, even if they may be not winter hardy in your zone.

 For those unfamiliar with our website format, we have created a lot of searchable options to aid in your garden planning. For example you may want to view our new perennial list. (We grow a variety plants that are hardy in a range of zones from coldest zone 3 to frost free zones 10-12.) First select the PERENNIALS tab in the bar on the upper portion of the webpage, then select the subcategory new perennials from the drop down menu. Next look at the filter options on the left of the screen superimposed on a burlap patch...begin to select your filters...Iet’s say you are looking for plants which will winter over outdoors in your winter hardiness zone. Select your hardiness zone, (i.e. zone 6). All the perennials which are winter hardy in zone 6 will appear in the listing to the right.  Note this sort feature will remain in place unless you uncheck it, so if you begin to look for plants for containers (which do not need to be wintered over outdoors) you should redefine your search by removing the hardiness filter. 

 You can select sort features such as color, season of blooming, light requirements, pollinator friendly and more. With almost 650 different plant choices, this selection feature helps you zero in on a group of plants you are most interested in. 

New Pot Sizes for Succulents

pot sizes

We have been complemented over and over again about the healthy sized plants we ship out. For the most part our perennials are shipped in QT pots, or if they have shallow root systems, 4” squares, and many of our succulents are grown and shipped in 4”pots as well.  This year we’re offering a smaller sized and less expensive option for some of our succulents: 2.5” pots, which seems to be a size popular with many other mail order retailers. Many, but not all of our succulents are available in both sizes; select the option you prefer when given the choice. 

Payment Options and Early Order Discount

 A number of customers have requested that we take Pay Pal as a form of payment, and we’ve obliged. We still take Mastercard and Visa, and if you prefer to print out your order and send it the old fashioned way via USPS, we can take your check or money order as well. 

 As in year’s past we are offering our early order special discount for plant orders placed by January 31st. Enter the Discount Code SAVE15 at checkout and all orders over $100 will qualify for a 15% savings. Please note that some plants are in limited supply. Plants are reserved once we receive your order and held until the proper planting time for your area. We will not begin shipping until early spring. If you have a preferred ship or pick up date please mention this in the comments box. 


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