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Hardy Ferns

Dennstaedtia punctiloba

Hay Scented Fern
A very useful native fern...although it will luxuriate in a rich moist soil, it will adapt, once established, to dry shady slopes, which is most appreciated in hot dry summers. its common name refers to the scent of fresh mown hay when brushed or crushed. Fall color is a nice golden yellow. Plants grow 18-24" tall and spreads, sometimes invasively. Use this fern when you need a low maintenance shade plant that will carpet an area.
Array Dennstaedtia
Common Name Hay Scented Fern
Hardiness Zone 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
Light Requirements Part Sun, Full Shade
Seasonal Interest Spring, Summer, Fall
Use Groundcover, Naturalizing, Massing
Special Attributes Deer Resistant, Cold Hardy, Easy Care, Foliage Interest