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Shade Perennials

Epiphyllum crenatum var. chichicastenango 'chichichastenango'

Orchid Cactus
This is a distinctive species of Orchid Cactus with handsome crenate edged leaves which remain quite attractive through out the year. Creamy greenish white 5-6" flowers appear in early spring. Plants can grow to 18" tall by 24" across with time. Orchid Cacti are epiphytes and live in the crotches of rain forest trees, with aerial roots that thrive in humidity and filtered light, and although they are not fussy plants they appreciate it if you emulate these conditions. Epiphytes need a well-draining soil mix with lots of air pockets, since the roots would naturally be exposed to air.
Array Epiphyllum
Common Name Orchid Cactus
Hardiness Zone 11, 12
Light Requirements Part Sun
Seasonal Interest Winter, Spring
Season of Blooming Winter, Spring
Use Specimen, House Plant, Container
Special Attributes Hummingbird Attracting, Succulent, Foliage Interest, Heirloom
Color Chartreuse, Cream, White