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Salix matsudana 'Golden Curls'

Golden Curls Willow
Popular with floral arrangers for its contorted twisted branches, this is the smaller version of Corkscrew or Peking Willow. Young stems and branches have a decidedly golden color in winter and early spring, and then unfurl with leaves which curl and twist. Fall foliage color is a bright yellow. Plants grow quickly and can get large...20-30', but if you cut them back hard (stool) on a regular basis, they can be kept at a height you can mange. 1 gallon plants. (We have some trained with a single leader as opposed to low branched)....if interested, drop us an email.
Array Salix
Common Name Golden Curls Willow
Hardiness Zone 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
Seasonal Interest Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall
Season of Blooming Spring
Use Cutting, Naturalizing, Hedge
Special Attributes Bird Attracting, Deer Resistant, Cold Hardy, Easy Care, Moisture Loving, Foliage Interest
Color Yellow