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Frost Tender Succulents

Sedum morganianum

Burro's Tail Sedum
Burro's Tail Sedum is a popular and useful trailing sedum with glaucous fleshy cylindrical foliage. Suspended from a planter or hanging basket plants can extend several feet. Please note: Although this is an undemanding little succulent to grow, the leaflets fall off quite easily if disturbed. Not a big deal, just tuck them where you would like them to take root and time you will have more plants to share. shipping 4" pots.
Array Sedum
Common Name Burro's Tail Sedum
Hardiness Zone 11, 12
Seasonal Interest Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall
Season of Blooming Summer
Use House Plant, Container
Special Attributes Drought Tolerant, Succulent, Foliage Interest